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Hearing Services


Hearing Evaluation

The ENT Physicians and Doctors of Audiology work as a team to diagnose and treat various conditions of the ear. Hearing loss is a very common condition affecting 20% of the US population. It is important to determine the cause of hearing loss as it can become worse over time. Untreated hearing loss can lead to undesirable changes in social and emotional well-being and cognitive functioning.

Hearing evaluations include a thorough work-up of all parts of the ear. A comprehensive evaluation in our office includes otoscopy, tympanometry & acoustic reflex thresholds, otoacoustic emissions, pure tone audiometry, speech perception testing, hearing in noise assessment. It is important to know not just how well you can hear, but also how your brain process the sounds you hear. All these tests combined give the ENTA Physicians and Audiologists a complete assessment of the ear and auditory system.




The evaluation for tinnitus begins with taking a case history on the presentation of your symptoms, then conducting a thorough diagnostic audiogram to evaluate the auditory system. Because there are so many causes and contributing factors for tinnitus, a team approach works well to identify the possible source and implement a plan to help manage your symptoms. Treatment may include removal of ear wax, treatment of middle ear fluid, treatment options for TMJ, medications, and masking or sound therapy. See more in the patient education section.

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